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After four years focused on selling all kinds of accessories and cycling clothing this year we start working HARD to sell all kinds of bike parts and components you might need.

It has been four years since started. Until this time we have been trying to accomplish our goal selling any accessories a cyclist could need with a special service and attention to all our customers. With the experience gained through all the work we would like to keep going forward and open our range of products. Since this month, July 2014, you will find any part and component you will need for your bike.
We start this new challenge with 7.000 new products available now on our online store and we have more to come. Top and classic cycling brands like Campagnolo, Shimano, Zipp, FSA, Ritchey, Deda, SRam, PRO… just to name a few.
After all, if we want to take care of the cyclist we have to take care of their bikes as well. So keep an eye open and have a nosy on the new section called “For your bike“.
We promise we will keep up the good work and we would look after you and your best friend.
Bike parts and components
Regards from the Retto staff. donates € 975 to the Fundació Banc dels Aliments
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