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Respect, that wonderful word that makes possible the coexistence between people or in this case, people with their environment.
At Retto we love to practise sports, but also we try to be aware about the natural environment where we cycle and run. That’s why we have started a new initiative called “RESPECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT”.
Probably that happened to you as well, but sometimes while we are cycling or running around we can find pieces of wrappers and plastics from the jellies and the protein bars on the floor for example. The point we try to reach is that we are not in the middle of the city, we are in the mountain or at any natural park. Places we need to look after.
That’s why we started this project “RESPECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT” to promote in all kind of races and cycle-tourism events where we are all responsible to take care of the natural spaces we share between us.
We are happy to see there’s a positive reaction on this project and some event organizers have team up with us to support the iniciative. We also want to thank everybody who takes care of looking after their own environment and sharing their positive and human values.
Sabadell gave us the great honour to win the award for being a "social responsible company for equal opportunities in society and job management".
Juanjo Méndez, the winner of the Retto 2013 Award
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