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Retto- 15/11/2016

Continues as official e-commerce for the Blues Specialised cycling commerce to remain managing Movistar Team's Shop worldwide through 2017. The Movistar Team's official shop, continuously evolving through the last few years, will bring many new features to our customers in 2017 thanks to cooperation with Retto. Among those implementations for the sixth season of collaboration with the Spanish brand, ... Leer más

Retto- 14/03/2016

Congratulate us on our anniversary by sending us a "selfie" with the box of the order received and we’ll offer you 5€ gift​for you or for whom you want. Send your photo to On April 1 you’ll receive your promotional code by email​. You just need to enter it in your new cart, which must exceed a minimum ... Leer más

Retto- 05/02/2016 donates € 975 to the Fundació Banc dels Aliments through its social initiative #ChallengesHeart of this year 2016. At the Fundació Banc dels Aliments based in Barcelona was held the donation of the collection achieved during the first Christmas in Action #ChallengesHeart initiative, boosted by the online sports shop and will continue in 2016. Josep Dorsé, head  ... Leer más

Retto- 14/07/2014

After four years focused on selling all kinds of accessories and cycling clothing this year we start working HARD to sell all kinds of bike parts and components you might need. Leer más

Retto- 04/04/2014

If you follow Retto on the network you should know we are passionate about cycling, we work around the sport and we practise it as much as we can. We have been collaborating with different cyclo touring races in Spain like Terra de Remences or Maraton BTT Ale in Portugal, trying to help out the organization and the riders. ... Leer más

Retto- 14/03/2014

On Wednesday 19th February 2014, the city of Sabadell gave us the great honour to win the award for being a "social responsible company for equal opportunities in society and job management".   The delivery of the award was part of the "Join In" journeys organized by the city council. The event recognizes companies that have been part of ... Leer más

Retto- 06/03/2014

Respect, that wonderful word that makes possible the coexistence between people or in this case, people with their environment.   At Retto we love to practise sports, but also we try to be aware about the natural environment where we cycle and run. That's why we have started a new initiative called "RESPECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT".   Probably that happened ... Leer más

Retto- 08/10/2013

The winner of the RETTO 2013 Award is: JUAN JOSÉ MÉNDEZ FERNÁNDEZ from the PIRATAS team. Catalan cyclist born in Barcelona the 27th March in 1964. His arm and legs were amputee after a traffic accident but he hasn't stop to surprise us in all possible directions, specially in human and sport aspects. With the help and support from ... Leer más

Retto- 29/09/2013

In a few days we will announce the winner of Retto's Award 2013. Leer más


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